Crochet amigurumis

These amigurumis are mainly a story of a Finnish band called WÖYH!, where my music inspired crafting began.

Kaiken alku ja juuri. WÖYH! - osa 1

The beginning. WÖYH! – part 1

Lokki- ja Kaskelotti- amigurumis (seagull and sperm whale) were born in December 2013. The beginning of Decenber is time of year when I feel urgent need to craft presents for my family. I hadn’t done anything for ages do I decided to begin with something small. I decided on animal amigurumis. But what animals?!  Earlier that year I had fallen for the music of progressive metal band WÖYH!. The band has a song called ‘Lokki‘ and they travel with a seagull mascot with spiky collar and I was immediately into making it, a hard core version of a seagull! And it turned up great, even so that I desided to send it to the band as a christmas present 🙂  To accompany the Lokki, I crocheted the sperm whale (Kaskelotti) which is also one of their song titles and the logo of their own record label. (Pic: Jussi Hyyrynen)



In January 2014 I went to see WÖYH! gig in Korjaamo, Helsinki, where they had ballerinas dancing in their show. And who knew that I like ballet? Not me! From the gig I was inspired to crochet a ballerina doll for my daughter ❤ As I was making the ballerina a thought make to my mind: I should do the WÖYH! Black Metal- ballerina as well. Being easily exited about my own ideas (:D), I quickly executed that idea, writing the crocheting instructions for it also. The instructions were published at a craft site Punomo and it is also found on my website. This time I was also inspired of photo shopping…

Black Metal Ballerina. WÖYH! - osa 2.

Black Metal Ballerina. WÖYH! – part 2.

After finishing the ballerina I just had to do the rest of the WÖYH! characters seen on their music videos. And also the bands musicians, Antti and Jussi Hyyrynen. What a strange project that was! Never in a million years would I have thought of to crochet a human bodied cow (Hieho, see below) before this! I have also been pleasantly surprised of the bands open-mindedness toward crafts as not only did they publish pictures 1-4 on their facebook but they actually took my crochet work on their spring tour in 2016, putting up a crochet exhibition at all their gigs! Thank You WÖYH!


Hieho. WÖYH! – part 3.


Afrodite, Jussi and Antti H. WÖYH! – part 4.









Other WÖYH! work included the tapestry crochet bag, Moolokki. Also check out the cross stitch work from my site!

WÖYH! Moolokki

WÖYH! Moolokki

I crafted only one more amigurumi doll after all this. My friend is a huge Apocalyptica fan (as am I) and what doesn’t a friend do for a friend: if she wants to have Eicca Toppinen in her home, SHE SHALL HAVE Eicca Toppinen in her home. Cellos and everything with him!

Eicca Toppinen. Lahja ystävälle :)

Eicca Toppinen. Gift for a friend


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