Cross stitching music

Every once in a while one needs some change in the routines and I found it in cross stiching! Cross stitch work is often seen as very laborious, taking  years (or decades) to finish but it does not have to be so. All cross stitch work presented here have been finished in just few weeks!

Marilyn Monroe- villalangasta ommeltu

Marilyn Monroe- wool yarn

Jussi Hyyrynen- WÖYH! Ainoastaan sininen osa ommeltu, harmaa on hopeamaalitussilla väritetty.

Jussi Hyyrynen from band WÖYH!. Only the blue part is sewn, silver is paint.

Antti Hyyrynen- WÖYH! Sama tekniikka kuin Jussi- työssä.

Antti Hyyrynen, also WÖYH! above, Kaisu Kärri from band Susivainaa below. Same technique as above.

Kaisu Kärri- Susivainaa. Tässäkin vain violetti osa ommeltu.

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